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Pushy Mothers is Britain’s best-known pregnancy and postnatal fitness brand. We were founded by the country’s leading exercise professionals and are dedicated to providing safe, specific and effective exercise for mums and mums-to-be.

We offer two outdoor exercise systems for new mothers, where women get to meet, make friends and get back into shape.

Our unique one-hour Buggy Workout is a guided walk with a qualified instructor which incorporates a wide variety of postnatal specific exercises into a comprehensive workout.

Pushy Mothers on the Run is for mums, whose babies are six months old or more, who wish to pick up the pace of their exercise regime.

Click on Find A Class to get in touch with your nearest instructor and start pushing!

Latest news

HELLO magazine recommends new mums seek advice from Pushy Mothers in their New Year Beauty Book.

The Pushy Mothers Buggy Workout Album is now available for download from iTunes. With an hour of motivating and uplifting music plus expert exercise advice, it’s like have your own Pushy Instructor on your iPod. Click here to download and start pushing!

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